Now you can reset customizable search bar in latest Google app beta


If you’ve signed up for the beta of the Google app, a new v7.15 is rolling out to users now. The update doesn’t bring a blast of features. In fact, the only visible change is the Google Search widget to its earlier original form. However, the teardown of the APK does signal the arrival of some new features.

Now you can reset customizable search bar in Latest Google App Beta

Scenes (part of Routines feature)

The teardown shows a feature called Scenes that will be like IFTTT for your home devices. You’ll describe certain events as a consequence or as a result and its triggers. This aspect will be integrated into Routines, a multi-action shortcut feature for Assistant.

Related Search

New strings suggest Google might improve suggestions by displaying similar previous searches when a previous keyword is typed again. The lines of the code aren’ clear enough but this is what appears on the surface.

New Notification channel for Headphones

Google has been working on notification channels for headphones since some time, and this update brings a few new options. The code shows a “Background alerts for headphones” string.


Quartz is a codename of an upcoming Google product, presumably, a Google Home with a screen. This was revealed in the last APK teardown v14 of this app. Today’s update doesn’t change any of that but adds some more info that doesn’t give us any new idea of the product. However, this does mean that Google is set to bring this new device to market some time in the future.



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