OnePlus 5 starts getting Oxygen OS 4.5.11, fixes Youtube audio lag, 4G, app launch speeds and more


The OnePlus 5 is the target of a new OTA update hitting the device this week. The Oxygen OS update with v4.5.11, although not announced, comes with big bug fixes. Many users have already received the update, and below are the bug fixes.

oneplus 5 soft gold and oneplus 5 slate grey comaprison

These bugs have been nagging users for some time and have been reported on the forum. Most notably, some users reported that Youtube audio was out of sync with certain video playback. As annoying as this can be, it is now fixed. Other major fixes include 4G signal improvement for some regions as well as errors in some visual UX elements.

Other major changes include better app launching times and an optimized adaptive brightness. One of the more important things is the addition of the September security patch and other general bug fixes. That’s all for the changelog. Furthermore, if you want to know what users want to say about the update we will link to the Reddit thread below.

Also, the update might take time to hit devices as it OnePlus usually does a phased rollout, so wait for some time, and you should be fine.

source: Reddit


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