OnePlus 5T to retain it’s 3.5 mm audio jack


The recent trend being seen in the smartphone market, is the disappearance of 3.5 mm jack. Well, I know it’s a shock, it was for me too. But most of the smartphone companies are doing so ‘save space’. This is the reason being given. It is a risk taking step as we all love connecting our headphones and listening music. Few prefer the wired one compared to wireless ones.

oneplus 5t leak

So, whenever a new device is about to launch the first question is 3.5 mm jack. But there is a good news from OnePlus fans. Recently, there have been many leaks by the company and the recent one is a interesting picture posted on Twitter. The picture is about the phones specifically pointing to the 3.5 mm jack. Though this isn’t a direct leak regarding OnePlus 5T. But it can be an indication that like other companies, it is in no mood to remove the 3.5 mm jack from it’s further devices.

And well, the next launch if going to be OnePlus 5T. So here we can take a conclusion that OnePlus 5T will have an audio jack.

We aren’t sure, it can be a false assumption too. But the best thing is stay connected to us for some further updates or rumors about OnePlus 5T.


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