OnePlus has recently rolled out the new gesture options for its OnePlus 5T device but in today’s article we are not here to talk about all that and instead of that we have something special in our treasure box. A lot of disturbances are prevailing in the market due to the hype of the forthcoming OnePlus 6 handset. A recent report is there which kinda gives us a rough idea about how the device will gonna look like and an information is not a news until we share it with you. So let me share some in-depth info about the device to settle your curiosity.

In case you don’t know OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo all the three brands are subsidiary of the single firm called BBK electronics. This is the biggest reason due to which the designs of the OnePlus devices are very identical to that of the Oppo handsets. We can say that the triangle of these three brands is greatly influenced by each other that they even share the same building for their offices. The new rumor suggests that OnePlus 6 will come with a similar design to that of the upcoming Oppo R15 and it may share the same specs as well.

In the latest Android P preview, Google has added the support for notch and Oppo’s R15 is rumored to come with a notch due to which we can say that the design of the OnePlus 6 will be greatly influenced with it and moreover will come with a notch. Other than this the rumor suggests that the device will pack a 6.28(inch) AMOLED 19:9 ratio Display and this time we may see a shiny Glass design on the OnePlus 6. Being a bezel-less device it will feature some new gestures support similar to the iPhone X for navigating.


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