OnePlus to bring faster app updates under Individual Application Update program


OnePlus is working pretty hard to make the software much better as like the hardware of its device. Until now, OnePlus followed the simple firmware update approach which brings in all the fixes and new features to its core applications. Now, it is going to change or it has already been changed since the launch of individual apps by OnePlus.

oneplus Introducing-Individual-Application-Update

The Chinese company has already forked out the four apps from its mainstream OS to make it much lighter. Further, it also helps to bring new features to all the users whenever needed and in a much easier manner.

In last few months, OnePlus has detached four apps from its core OxygenOS. Those apps are OnePlus Launcher, OnePlus Community, OnePlus Weather, and OnePlus Gallery.

What is OnePlus Individual Apps update program ?

Just few months ago, OnePlus brings new features via the firmware update of OxygenOS. But now, with the launch of independent OnePlus apps, it has been made easy for the users to get new features.

This whole program is same as it emphasized on to bring new features and fixes in a speedy way.

While launching this new program, OnePlus also spilled some beans on the upcoming features for the OnePlus launcher v2.1.5.

Here’s the features that it is going to get:

  1. Optimized home screen folder icon, with a preview of the first four icons in the folder.
  2. Redesigned style to mark folders that have already been opened.
  3. Double finger touch support, allowing you to hold an item while sliding on the home screen.
  4. General bug fixes.



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