OnePlus charger

After much talk for invitations and other aspects of the OnePlus One device, Now its time for accessories of the device. Currently OnePlus has revealed the details on some cases and some chargers.

OnePlus charger

First one is the Clear Case and US Charger which will be included in the purchased case or Mobile device. Second one is shiny yellow OnePlus Case which will protect your device. Also OnePlus has designed a Flip cover for the protection of your device from the front side. You can see OnePlus Screen Protector packaging on the left, the yellow bicast leather OnePlus Flip Cover in the center in one of the image gallery of OnePlus One Accessories.

As per the team there are many more accessories present in the developer section of the OnePlus labs. As per the details reveled by the OnePlus team there are lot many more colors then the pictured ones.

Gallery Of OnePlus One Accessories:

If we look at the accessories then these are pretty simple in design and crisp in color giving a good look to an already beautiful device. What’s you’re take? Share your views via comments below.


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