oneplus one delayed

OnePlus’s upcoming smartphone One is a pretty good device. With 5.5″ FullHD display, Snapdragon 801, UHD video and the custom CyanogenMod 11S OS and a price tag of $299, this seems to be a good deal. but getting your hands on one might not be as easy as it looks. After already encountering a number of delays, we have another major delay.

oneplus one delayed

This time, the Heartbleed bug and Open SSL issues seem to be the reason behind this delay. These problems were detailed out some days back on June 5th and still haven’t been fixed. The CyanogenMod 11S OS that the One operates on is in need of some bugfixing and OnePlus wants to make sure they deliver their best, so they’re not shipping before they fix all these bugs. Backing of this news by Ciwrl from CyanogenMOD on Reddit makes us believe this information is true.

Some people might argue that OnePlus should start shipping the device with a firmware device arriving upon unboxing but that might endanger user’s privacy and OnePlus wants to take no chances.


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