With OnePlus One doing extremely well in the smartphone market offering amazing specs at a price almost half its competitors, OnePlus looks like it has more in store for us. After offering an amazing device at cheap prices in the smartphone market, Oppo seems to have turned to the tablet arena.

A new leak from popular tipster @evleaks shows a screenshot of a OnePlus testing website. Wondering what’s new about that. A new OnePlus Tab link has now been provided on the website, hinting at Oppo working on a tablet.


As of now, thats all we have about the upcoming tab from Oppo. If this rumor turns out be true, we could be in for a big announcement soon. The OnePlus One did extremely well and we are expecting no less from this rumored tab.

But after all these are just rumors, so take them with a pinch of salt. Though @evleaks’s updates have mostly turned out to be true but not always. We’ll keep you updated, stay tuned.


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