OnePlus has just announced its 2018 flagship OnePlus 6. The device packs mighty power inside along with some OnePlus specific features like super fast Dash Charging technology and more. Today in this write-up we will be majorly focusing on the Dash Charging tech, as per the latest reports the brand will gonna replace the name of this tech with some alternative. The brand is facing issues from copyright department due to which in near we may see a new name for Dash Charging.

So without wasting any time let’s check out some in-depth information. OnePlus has first used the moniker “Dash Charging” with the launch of their OnePlus 3 back in 2016 and till then everything was going fine for the brand. In case if you are new to Dash Charge it is OnePlus’s own Charging technology that charges the smartphone rapidly. The charger and cables are separately available on their official websites but in some countries, people are getting products on which Fast Charge is mentioned rather than the Dash Charge.

The change was first noticed by a Twitter user named Gregory Jimenez. There are talks going in the market that soon OnePlus will gonna register a new name for their tech. Now you all may be wondering why all this is happening. A long time back OnePlus has applied an application to European Union regarding the name but sadly it recently got rejected due to some reports files by Amazon and Bragi audio company. As revealed the brand will change its technology’s name to some other as the applications files were just got rejected.


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