Opera Browser has got a huge fan base mainly due to its heavy features and the overall speediness. The developer has been rapidly improving the browser for past few months by introducing new and new features. It’s just recently, when the nifty Night Mode and native Ad-blocking feature made their way to this popular browser. In latest, the new Opera Browser 47.0.2249 which is being rolled-out via Google Play Store bundles tons of improvements and add-ons.

The Opera Browser has been now updated to the Chromium 66 base from the previous Chromium 63. That means, the browser will now feature enhanced security, performance improvements and other optimizations. Also, plenty of new options for suitable management of saved passwords, new Appearance settings, and improved Auto-Fill services are some other notable changes with the new update. Have a look at the official changelog below.

What’s New

  •  Chromium 66
  • Synchronization UI refresh
  • Synchronization: Import all SD and Remove connected devices options
  • Password synchronizatio
  • Password manager in Settings
  • Improved password saving
  • Autofill support for addresses and credit cards
  • Automatically generated password suggestion
  • Appearance settings for UI customization
  • Recent searches On/Off option in Settings
  • Swipe to remove History items

The latest Opera Browser 47.0.2249 might be available on your device’s Google Play Store by now. If not, rest assured that the update may reach your end in few days.

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