Oppo is reportedly working on a device that will offer you superior audio quality, or to put  it in Oppo’s words, the ‘best audio quality excellence’. This news was recently made public by Oppo Indonesia’s Twitter account.


Oppo however has not shed a tiny bit of light on what is this ‘product’ of theirs going to be. Our most obvious guess would be a smartphone with top-of-the-line audio hardware that would offer superior sound quality but then we could be wrong. For now, all the info we have about the device is the photo shown above which is nothing but a closed box by Oppo.

We could not help but think about this device. With not many smartphone manufacturers  focusing on superior sound quality these days, Oppo could be aiming at exactly this point trying to stand out from its competitors.

Whatever it is, we’ll find out tomorrow as Oppo also announced that it will give out some more info tomorrow. Till then, stay tuned for updates.


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