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Oppo R11 rear dual camera sample photos revealed


Oppo’s upcoming camera flagship, Oppo R11 is to be released shortly. Oppo is doing a lot to promote the device long before its release. Now, there is a lot of hype about the smartphone’s features, most importantly its cameras. Oppo has recently released sample photos captured by R11’s dual cameras in Portrait mode. Below are some sample shots that you may need to check out.

The images above capture good details with low noise in the portrait mode. If you have noticed, all the photos are captured at different locations with varied lighting conditions. The clothing of the subject is also different on each shot, perhaps to show how the camera performs when the exposure in on a subject putting on a dull or bright-colored dress. Moreover, the skin colors in the photos were rendered very well with facial features captured accurately and clearly too.

Oppo says that, Oppo R11 is one of the best camera phones ever introduced. It boasts a 20MP wide-angle + 16MP telephoto lens dual rear camera with 20MP front-facing camera. It comes with a professional portrait mode that is capable of capturing top notch quality photos with a blurred out background.


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