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We are at the verge of this week and the weekend is here for unlimited fun. In order to make it much more better we are here with Google Play Store deals or sale. This time we have got lots of free apps including many useful apps. We have directly pulled the links so that you can download the apks directly on your Android device.

play store deals

This time we have got a big list of apps that are available for free download this weekend. The list includes total of 51 apps that are available for free download. In actual, the free list of apps include games, customisation apps and many other different apps.

We are providing you the list of weekend apps little early this week, so that you can reap the benefits before the apps get out of sale. We have some big titles like Power Amp Pro on Sale. Here are the major apps that are on sale:

Poweramp Full version Unlocker: The Poweramp is one of the most downloaded music player app on the Play Store. Today, Google is offering a huge discount in India and some other countries. You can buy it for just Rs 10 and similar in other countries. Don’t wait for anything if you want to own this fully customisable player at dirt cheap rates. Download

HD Camera Pro – silent shutter ($2.49 -> Free): Another simple yet extraordinary app for the Camera professionals. It has useful features like the silent shutter mode that is quick and easy-to-use in any scenes, the spot AF, and the continuous AF. Download

SafetyNet Assistant ($0.99 -> Free) : Safety Net is another tremendous app that is available for free this weekend.It examines software and hardware information on your device to create a profile. The service then attempts to find this same profile within a list of device models that have passed Android compatibility testing. Download

Don’t wait for any more time as these apps are available on sale for a limited time period. We suggest you to download them as soon as possible if you need them:

Free Premium Apps from the Play Store


  1. Add Sub Mul Div (€0,99 -> free)
  2. Poweramp Full Version Unlocker (Rs 10 only)
  3. Fractions (€0,99 -> free)
  4. SafetyNet Assistant ($0.99 -> Free)
  5. HD Camera Pro – silent shutter ($2.49 -> Free)
  6. Torch Pro – Smallest Torch App for android ($0.99 -> Free)
  7. Weather Route ($0.99 -> Free)
  8. Third grade Math – Addition ($2.49 -> Free)
  9. Thema-Death-Xperia-Premium ($0.99 -> Free)
  10. APN Notificator (€0,99 -> free)
  11. nFilter – Disable notifications ($0.99 -> Free)
  12. Clock Maker Pro (€0,99 -> free)
  13. WORK% ($0.99 -> Free)
  14. 5 Good Things ($1.99 – > Free)
  15. Fella for Facebook ($0.99 -> Free)
  16. Subtraction Skill Builders ($2.49 -> Free)
  17. My EJuice Lab ($0.99 -> Free)
  18. Zen Alarm Clock ($1.99 -> Free)


Icon Packs

  1. Planet O – Icon Pack ($0.99 -> Free)
  2. Halla Icon Pack Pro ($0.99 -> Free)
  3. Yomira – Icon Pack ($0.99 -> Free)
  4. Kaorin – Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free
  5. Doodle it – Icon Pack Full $0.99 -> Free
  6. Icon Pack – Texture leather ($0.99 -> Free)
  7. Crystal Icon Pack ($0.99 -> Free)
  8. Oniron 2 icon pack
  9. Graby – Icon Pack
  10. Mellow Dark – Icon Pack
  11. 3D Icon Pack
  12. Clock Widget Blue Elephant $1.99 -> Free
  13. Mood Icon Pack $2.49 -> Free
  14. Next Launcher Theme black liz $1.99 -> Free
  15. Next Launcher Theme beige drag $0.99 -> Free
  16. Next Launcher Theme Royal Snak $2.49 -> Free
  17. Deluxe Clock Bundle Live Wallpaper $12.99?? -> Free
  18. Redox Icon Pack
  19. Krix Icon Pack
  20. Flix Pixel – Icon PackMemies Icon Pack

Live Wallpapers:

  1. Live Wallpaper (€2,29 -> free)
  2. Fantasy Forest 3D Pro lwp ($0.99 -> Free)


  1. Dracula in Paris Full Version (€0,59 -> free)
  2. Avoid It ($0.99 -> Free)
  3. 3AM VR ($1.49 -> Free)
  4. Orb Smash (€0,99 -> free)
  5. Parkour Flight (€1,29 -> free)
  6. Quizio PRO: Quiz game (€0,99 -> free)
  7. Planet O – Icon Pack ($0.99 -> Free)
  8. Balance Ball Reach ($1.49 -> Free)
  9. PAPOO Games for kids Sea
  10. PAPOO Games for kids Mountain
  11. PAPOO Games for kids Animals

Discounted Apps on the Google Play Store


  1. Poweramp Full Version Unlocker (Rs 10 only)


  1. Sisters: Faye and Elsa Part I (Rs.320 -> Rs.190)
  2. Sonya the Great Adventure Full (Rs.65 -> Rs.26)
  3. Chameleon Run (Rs.140 -> Rs.10)
  4. Infinity Duels (Rs.120 -> Rs.55)
  5. Clouds & Sheep Premium (Rs.190 -> Rs.40)
  6. Demon’s Rise (Rs.390 -> Rs.100)
  7. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition (Rs.690 -> Rs.360)
  8. Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG (Rs. 460 -> Rs.65)
  9. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ( Rs.420 -> Rs.126)

Well, this is the list of apps for this week, but be sure to check our old lists also. We have a dedicated portal for the free app deals from Play Store. You can always visit us for latest and some special deals.

Do you also have app and you offering any discount? Then you can mail us your app details, we will insert it in the upcoming lists.

We hope you enjoyed the list, and make sure you subscribe us for more.


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