Play Store Deals

Almost every week Google brings new application deals on their Play Store platform. Google offers uncountable applications belonging to different categories through their store. Out of which some are paid while some are totally free. What these deals do is they make the paid apps available for a lower price or even free at times. A few days back we have published a Play Store deal article and now we are back again with some crazy deals on apps and games.

Play Store Sale

This list comprises applications and games belonging to various categories. It is worth mentioning that these deals may get expire soon so try to grab them as soon as possible. This list will include some apps that are totally free to download while some have received a considerable amount of price cut.

S.No. Category Application Price Download Link
01 Communication Conversations(Jabber/XMPP) Free Download
02 Tools Bluetooth Mono Media Free Download
03 Photography Photo Studio PRO 65 INR Download
04 Personalization Nia Icon Pack Free Download
05 Personalization Nogal Icon Pack Free Download
06 Personalization Cirgus Icon Pack Free Download
07 Personalization NAZG lll Free Download
08 Tools Transmission GUI Free Download
09 Personalization  Pixel Nougat Icon Pack Free Download
10 Personalization Galaxy S9/S9+ Icon Pack 2018 Free Download
11 Personalization Galaxy S10 Icon Pack Free Download
12 Tools Smart Touch Free Download
13 Personalization Agos Icon Pack Free Download
14 Tools 3G Watchdog Pro Free Download
15 Tools Smart Touch Free Download


The above-provided list is for those who are looking for price drops on various applications. The below-provided list is focused on the Gamers community, it will inform you about some of the best deals on games.

S.No. Category Games Price Download Link
01 Adventure Rima: The Story Begins Free Download
02 Simulation 911 Operator 250 INR Download
03 Role Playing 9th Dawn ll 2 RPG 75 INR Download
04 Puzzle Can you escape prison Free Download
05 Casual TouchBlocks PRO Free Download
06 Strategy Space Hobo Free Download
07 Adventure Her Story 190 INR Download
08 Puzzle The House of Da Vinci 250 INR Download
09 Adventure Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? 15 INR Download
10 Arcade Tennis in the Face 80 INR Download
11 Adventure Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek 65 INR Download
12 Action Stereobreak Free Download
13 Role Playing Doom & Destiny 80 INR Download
14 Strategy Planar Conquest 95 INR Download
15 Board Galaxy Trucker 190 INR Download
16 Adventure After Days EP1: Shindupalcholk Free Download
17 Board Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game 100 INR  Download
18 Board Colt Express 100 INR  Download
19 Board Smash Up – The Shufflebuilding Game 170 INR  Download
20 Board Twilight Struggle 200 INR  Download
21 Role Playing Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition 260 INR Download
22 Board Tactical Mind 65 INR Download
23 Adventure Lost Journey (Dreamsky) Free Download
24 Racing AceSpeeder3 Free Download
25 Trivia Quizio PRO Free Download


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