Google Play Store brings you a plethora of Android apps including games, music, movies, and much more. The apps are designed and developed to offer users a more intuitive and immersive experience. These apps are regularly updated to make them better and more useful than ever before.

However, not all phones are so powerful to smoothly run the full-featured apps. Also, there exists large number of users that are on limited data plans. Therefore, giants like Google and Facebook have created “lite” versions of their apps for those audiences. Play Store now suggests “Lite” version of your favorite Android apps when you try to download the full-fledged version.

If you’re trying to download an app for which “lite” counterpart is available, Play Store will indicate that a smaller and lite edition of the app is available. The ‘lite’ version apps are designed keeping in mind users with less powerful Android devices and slower mobile internet connections. Moreover, the “lite” apps prove quite handy for users who own powerful Android devices. If you rarely use an app, you have an option to download the “lite” version instead of full-feature app.

However, it must be noted that there are a lot of fake apps (look-alike) available on the Play Store and we recommend using the official lite apps. You can download your favorite official “lite” apps via the links we have added below.


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