[Update] Download: Pokémon Go Out on Android and iOS in US Also

"You can live the story of being a Pokemon trainer" - Niantic CEP John Hanke

pokemon go android

Pokémon Go, which was already in news about it’s game launching on Android and other Smartphone platforms. In between these tasks, company has already made it available in Android and iOS.

Users in the US, Japan, New Zealand with Android Phones can enjoy this game as per now. Well, iOS users in Australia are eligible for download of Pokémon Go from iTunes store.

The AR game is free with microtransactions, though if you want to catch Pokemon without unlocking your phone, you can buy a $35 optional accessory. Game covers find Pokemon, how to hatch eggs and evolve, and the in-game Pokemon Gyms.

Update: Now also Available in the US.

If you just can’t wait, the app is available on APK Mirror.


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