Pokémon GO, during the initial days of its arrival, has deployed much hype in the gaming world. Although the current situation may not be as pleasing as it’s then, the developer Niantic kept the gamers engaged to it by pushing regular updates that bought significant improvements and features. The latest update Pokémon GO 0.2.13 is also one such update.


It won’t be wrong to say it as a major update, at least by looking at the changelog. The changelog is pretty long enough with a couple of major changes listed. As you can see below from the changelog the support for AR+ cam be said as the main highlight of the update.

What’s New

  • Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region are arriving in Pokémon GO
  • Friend Requests and Gift notifications will now stack
  • Pokémon GO AR+ is now available on select Android devices
  • You can now select multiple Pokémon at a time when preparing to battle at a Gym or participate in a Raid Battle
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates

In case if you missed it, the AR+ on Pokemon GO bolsters the augmented reality view to a new level. Apparently, the feature enables a realistic visualisation of the Pokemon placed in one place. It’s pertinent to mention that the AR+ is possible only on Android devices that support ARCore.

Niantic has also tucked in some new Pokémon avatars on the latest version. As mentioned in the changelog, it’s the Pokemon’s found over at Sinnoh region which’s debuting on the Pokemon GO. Moreover, there are additional minor improvements and bug fixes for a better gaming experience.


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