Q1 2016: HTC Hits 64% Decline in Revenue

htc 10 logo

Swiftly, HTC has rolled out the Q1 2016 with revenue decline hitting to 64%. Total loss in currency is $148 million between January 1st and March 31st.

HTC brought in 41.5 billion Taiwanese dollars this time last year (and broke even), versus 14.8 billion this year. HTC was late to the 2016 flagship rumble by a few months and, as a result, the HTC 10 sales aren’t included in the earnings report. Revenue from the Vive VR headset is also omitted.

Chairwoman and CEO Cher Wang expressed her plans for the company’s upcoming streamlining and optimization.

We have been working hard to lay the groundwork over the past year, streamlining processes and optimizing resources to enable us to develop the best products in the most effective way.

What do you guys think? Is there any comeback we can expect in upcoming few quarters. Share your views via comments below.


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