snapdragon 653

Qualcomm has come up with new chipsets, they have announced Snapdragon 653, 626 and 427. They have announced these versions as improvements to existing mid range Snapdragon 652, 625 and 425 chipsets.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 is intended to perform 10% better than the 652 it replaces, and achieves this with a maximum clock speed of 1.95GHz (the 652 could go up to 1.8GHz), support for up to 8GB of RAM (wow), better GPU performance, and other improvements in its architecture. It also adds Enhanced Voice Services, which apparently makes VoLTE calls sound even better.

The Snapdragon 626 is also an incremental upgrade when compared to the 625 with a 10% performance increase. And much like the 653, the 626 will also feature an X9 LTE modem, as well as support for Qualcomm’s Clear Sight dual-setup camera as well.

snapdragon 427

This gives the new Snapdragon 427 the highest performing modem of the 400 series—and the only SoC in this tier to support Qualcomm’s TruSignal technology—but the 430 and 435 contain a faster GPU and ISP. Because the Snapdragon 427 maintains full pin and software compatibility with the 425, 430, and 435, it offers OEMs an easy path to adding the X9 LTE modem to their products.



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