Qualcomm brings Smart Speaker Platform which also supports Cortana


The smart speaker market is trending with AI assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. These have some really awesome features and now after smartphones, smart speakers market is on uptrend.

Though we have been missing a big brand and i.e Microsoft from the smartspeaker market. In order to boost it’s AI assistant, Cortana, Microsoft is here with new plan. To boost its market share, Microsoft is planning to jointly build smart audio platform with Qualcomm. They have even made formal announcement at CES 2018.

A senior executive from Qualcomm said that, taking the benefits of the capabilities and features of Cortana, manufacturers can deliver user experiences on a new platform.

What we understand here is that Cortana is all set to empower devices made up by Qualcomm. This would be a new entry into the market. The chipset maker will enter into the smart speaker market along with Microsoft. This would for sure create heavy competition for the other players in the market.

Regarding the features, there’s nothing that is yet known but we can expect some extra features. The device will be available in the market like in the mid 2018.

Till then we need to wait and wait. Stay connected with us or check our CES 2018 portal to check what is launching over there.



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