Qualcomm first 5G chip successfully tested with gigabit speeds


If there is one thing Qualcomm knows very well in the chip-making industry, it’s LTE modems. And the company just got another edge over competitors today with the announcement of the X50 module. The X50 is the first 5G-ready mobile modem chip that has been in the works since 2016. Qualcomm promised to deliver the chip in 2018. But, here we are today with an official announcement.

Qualcomm has successfully tested the X50 modem and it has clocked “gigabit download speeds” the company said. The test involved various 100MHz 5G carriers at the time of testing. Additionally, the chip maker has also shared groundwork of the x50 that will enable handset OEMs to start building new 5G-capable phones.

While 5G tech itself is nowhere near deployment, developments like these make the dream that much closer. Even the US is still in early testing phase for such fast data transmission tech. However, 2019 seems to be the time when we finally see some fast work on this next-gen tech. That is also when these X50 chips will be buyable in 5G-compatible phones.


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