We all know that mobile 5G is just around the corner as major telecom operators have already announced their plan to deploy the network as early as this year. But, to support 5G network, the end devices should also have the suitable hardware and this is where Qualcomm comes into play. Thus, to provide such chips by next year, Qualcomm partners with Samsung to manufacture on the firm’s 7nm process.


According to the agreement signed by both the companies, Samsung will be manufacturing the next generation 5G chips for Qualcomm based on their 7nm LPP(Low Power Plus) EUV(Extreme Ultra Violet) process technology. This method was first announced by Samsung in May of 2017 which will break the barriers of Moore’s law scaling. Thus, the future chips can be manufactured up to 1nm technology.

Smaller the chip size, larger the space for other components in smartphones especially batteries or slimmer designs.When comparing this 7nm process to the present 10nm FinFET technology, there will be 40% increase in area efficiency as well as 10% increase in performance and up to 35% of lower power consumption. This new chipset from Qualcomm will possibly the successor to Snapdragon 845 which will power almost all the flagship smartphones this year.

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