quick charge 4.0

Qualcomm has annocuned its new chipset, Snapdragon 835 with lot’s of improvements especially its size and performance. Along with these features, Qualcomm has also embedded it with Quick Charge 4.0 to fasten up your battery charging.


Qualcomm Quick Charge allows to charge your battery 20% faster and up to 30 percent higher efficiency compared with QC 3.0. Even, they have added a one more protection layer in this version of Quick Charge to make it much secure for the use. Also, now 5 minutes of charging allows a smartphone to work for additional 4-5 hours.

Quick Charge 4 features the third release of INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage), a unique power-management algorithm designed by Qualcomm Technologies. INOV now includes real-time thermal management, a technology industry first, which is designed to advance charging optimization by automatically determining and selecting the optimal power transfer level for a given thermal condition.

snapdragon_quickcharge4_0-to-5-feature_1Statically, there are currently over 100 mobiles which support Quick Charge. There are around 300 accessories available globally for Quick Charge ecosystem. Further, over 600 million mobile devices and accessories support Quick Charge technology.

It will be made available with Snapdragon 835 processor in the first quarter of next year.


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