Reddit for Android and iOS gets a major update with new features


Reddit is world’s most used platform for discussing almost anything. To help with that, Reddit updated their apps both Android and iOS versions with new features. But, some of them are exclusive for iOS which is kind of bummer for Android community.

reddit app new update

According to Reddit, they have added these new features after going through the feedback they received from the users. Most of the new features are for moderators which will help them a lot.

Below are the features which are added to the Android version of the Reddit app.

Mod Tools

These are the options which will help the moderators to keep the community clean through their phone itself.

  • Mod Mode – When this is switched on in the app, moderators will be able to approve or remove contents as well as flag them as spam if inappropriate.
  • Mod Queue – This option will help moderators to take action on multiple posts at the same time. This will be of great use when a community is too big.
  • Modmail – Moderators will be getting mails from the communities they are moderating in this section.
  • Mod Management & Approved Submitters – When a community grows bigger, it might require more number of moderators. In such case, these options will help Moderators in viewing and updating their list of moderators quickly as well as add or remove approved submitters.

Theater Mode

Redditers can now view media contents such as images, videos and GIFs in full screen. For your information, Reddit is very much proud of this new feature.

Post Flair Functionality

Flair is an important tool to distinguish different types of content. It could be modified only using web version. But, now it could be done from the app itself.

Comment Speed Read Button

This feature was only available on iOS, but due to its popularity it will be now available on Android as well. in case you do not know, this option allows users to browse between the top comments in any discussions.

In-Feed Usernames and OPs

The contents will be displayed along with the usernames in the app’s home feed. Thus, the users will be credited for their post.

Trophy Case and Cake Day

Trophies are rewarded to the users for their accomplishments in the community. It will be now displayed in the app also. Also, the pixelated cake icon will appear in a user’s profile on the anniversary of their joining date on Reddit.

That’s it for Android users, but iOS users will have three bonus features and they are Live Comments, Safari View Controller and Chat. Lets hope these features also get added to the Android version in near future.


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