HTC, the apex phone manufacturer in past few years has lost a considerable smartphone market share in the recent times. A current report suggests that HTC accounts for just below two percent of market share in the Android smartphone segment. Further, the company’s smartphone business is consistently declining in this highly-competitive industry. HTC’s handset business has slowed worldwide which is a clear indicator that the company is struggling in the sales segment.

In the recent years, HTC’s VR business is the only flourishing unit in its entire portfolio. According the latest report from Bloomberg, HTC is exploring multiple options selling off its Vive business and even putting the entire company on sale. It has also been reported that the company has appointed an advisor and is looking for a strategic investor. However, it seems quite difficult for the company to find a single acquirer and company’s full sale is unlikely to happen.

The company has been reporting losses since March 2015 with nine straight quarters. The smartphone manufacturer announced HTC U11 and U Ultra as its latest smartphones this year. The smartphones though received a positive response from users, however, it doesn’t seem to help the company in any ways.

HTC’s poor marketing strategy is held responsible for the current alarming situation. Also, other major rivals like Samsung and Apple had made things quite complicated for the Taiwanese giant. Although, HTC is considering several options at this time, it is unlikely that the situation will improve unless the company takes some strong decisions and positive actions to bring back its lost legacy.


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