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We are back to reviews after a long period of time. So we going to start our reviews section again with the new Smartphone Accessories – Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker. Its Tiny piece of hardware which can connect to any Bluetooth device and further stream Music and other Media. Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker Review buttons

Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker is a small circle sized accessory which can be used at several occasions and places without any wire.

The device comes in Tiny Box which contains the Portable Speaker, Manual and Mini USB cable. Speaker is covered with rubberized case which is easy to hold as it makes perfect grip for holding.

Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Review:

Design: As said above it is covered by rubber which gives protection to the speaker and make it a Suction speaker. Further it improves the sound quality of the speaker as it channelize the sound from the upper side and also gives more bass to the sound.

Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker Review side

Hardware: Speaker contains four hardware button – on/off, Volume Up, Volume Down and Next. It is packed with Bluetooth having frequency of  2.400 Ghz- 2.480 Ghz. Its working range is up to 10 m.

It is packed with 600 mAh of battery which can give continuous playback for several hours.

Quality: Sound and build quality is impressive as both things are related to each other in the Music world as material used directly impacts the sound quality. You will get good sound with bass as it is packed with Expanded Bxs (Bass Xpansion System) drives a fuller, richer low end response.

Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker Review 1

Overall its nice product worth the price. You can connect to any mobile device (with any Operating System), Computer, iPod and MP3 player with Bluetooth support.

It comes in about 10 different colors for $27 from here and also checkout other colors by visiting Here.


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