Samsung Gains More Profit This Year Due To Galaxy S7


Samsung has posted its operating profits, which is much more than the last two years. If we compare it with last year’s profit, than this year’s it is much more than 17.4%.

As reported by Reuters, profit made between April and June of this year was likely around 8.1 trillion won ($7 billion), which is just shy of the 8.5 billion won the company raised back in Q1 2014.

It is not for the first time that Profit has raised so much, at the time of Galaxy S3, profit was also raised similarly.

It is a win situation forĀ Samsung that they have managed to garner the sales amid of great competition. They launched Galaxy S7 when many other OEMs were also launching their flagships but it is interesting how Smasung did the magic to lure customers.

Now, eyes are on full Q2 2016 financial reports from Samsung. Well, company is expecting an increase in revenue fromĀ 48.5 trillion won ($42 billion) to 50 trillion ($43 billion).