galaxy note 4

We have another leaked piece of information about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 even though the device is stated for a release three months from now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

A Galaxy Note 4 has arrived in India. The device, which goes by the number SM-N910A landed in New Delhi for testing and evaluation purposes.Since Galaxy Note 3 had the number SM-N900 we assume the N901 will be its successor and hence the Note 4. Also, we’ve assumed the ‘A’ in the device’s name means AT&T which means the variant that has arrived in India will be the same one that will be made available through AT&T. The device will sport a 5.7″ QHD display screen as had been speculated earlier with a resolution of  2560x1440p.

The Galaxy Note 4 will be available in two variants: one with the conventional flat screen and the other with the curved OLED display. The curved screen variant will however only be available in a selected array of countries. We have no clue yet about which one of these variants the SM-N901A  is.

Recently a rumor stated that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be packed with a curved display.


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