Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leak Confirms Iris Scanner


Yesterday, we came to know about the launch of Galaxy Note 7 on August 2nd 2016. Today, we have got FCC certification in the US and  now a leak which is confirming Iris Scanner.

note 7 iris scannerFew days ago, we have published about Iris Scanner in Galaxy Note 7 via a report surfaced by Evan Bliss. A leak on Weibo today, picked up by Sammobile, gives us our first glimpse at the feature itself, and provides some much-needed visual evidence of its existence.

You can see the lockscreen with two circles, each one for single eye. Currently, we don’t know what hardware advancements have been done in the Biometric hardware to match the Iris.

Well, we expect more information to surface before the launch on August 2nd 2016.


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