Samsung Galaxy Note 9 codename is out now


Currently, it’s been just few weeks since the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 and the leaks for galaxy Note 9 has started to pouring on the web. Recently, The Investor, a subsidiary of the Korean herald has reported that Samsung has started working on Note 9 and they have given it a codename also. As per the sources, Samsung has given it a codename of “crown”.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 crown


Further adding to the story, The leaker added the smartphone part supplier has said to start start providing components for a pilot production (of the Galaxy Note 9) in the first quarter next year. So, it seems Samsung is already doing the R&D of features that they are going to add to the Galaxy Note 8. Also, the production will kickstart by the first quarter of next year.

It’s always a trend among the OEMs to code name their flagship devices for better communication and hiding the details of the device. To make some privacy among the outsiders and within the company, OEm refers codenames for bigger and popular devices.

Las time, Samsung gave Galaxy Note 8 a codename of “baikal” which is the name of Russia’s largest lake. It hinted at the large display on the device aka Note 8. This year, “crown” alludes to Samsung’s goal to tighten its grip on the large-sized smartphone sector.

We hope, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to follow the same ethics of the Note 8 with advanced AI features and neural processing.



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