Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the Korean-tech giant biggest and most-awaited smartphone of the year is set to release on August 9. While we already know a lot about the forthcoming Note device, all credit to a series of leaks and rumors around. At this time, we got hold of Galaxy Note 9 official intro video that was accidentally uploaded on YouTube. However, the video was taken down immediately by the company.

The teaser shows off the Galaxy Note 9 coral blue version along with a yellow-colored stylus. The video also reveals that the upcoming Note device will have a 512GB version which is further expandable up to 512GB using a microSD card. It means that the Galaxy Note 9 is “1 terabyte ready with expandable memory.” With the video leaked inadvertently, Samsung didn’t miss a chance to advertise Note 9’s 4,000mAh “Powerful all day battery” which is a good news for Samsung fans.

Moreover, Samsung also displays “all new powerful S Pen” with capability to write on the display even when your phone is locked. Also, previous leaks and rumors indicate that the S Pen stylus is said to offer additional functionality with Bluetooth support.

As you already know, the Galaxy Note 9 sports dual rear cameras, which are positioned quite similar to the Galaxy Note 8. However, the company has now adjusted the fingerprint sensor to set below the camera module.

While the Galaxy Note 9 has a lot to offer in terms of specs and functionality, it remains to be seen which leaks and rumors behold when the actual device releases next week. We’ll keep you posted of the upcoming Samsung official release event. We ask to stay tuned with us for more Android news and stuff.


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