samsung galaxy s9 render

All major smartphone brands are trying their best to maintain their existence in the smartphone market. One big revolution was started with the introduction of Xiaomi Mi Mix, then recently we have seen an In-Screen fingerprint scanner on the Vivo X21. Some recent information is this time coming from the house of Samsung. According to latest facts, Samsung is bust in developing a new technology called Sound on Display. There are rumors that Samsung Galaxy S10 will come equipped with it, so without wasting any moment let’s know more about it.

Samsung is burning the candle at both ends when it comes to innovation, one big example of it was their variable aperture camera. If you are aware of the bone conduction technology used in the first generation Mi Mix then it is somewhat a similar thing. The smartphone makes use of a piezoelectric vibrator which is embedded in the smartphone to pass vibrations to the screen, which further reaches to our ear.

Maybe Samsung is busy in developing it because it will give them the liberty to offer a complete bezel-less display with a high screen-to-body ratio. We have already witnessed the same tech in the Mi Mix but unfortunately, it falls short in loudness compared to the rivals. Now for present Mix devices, Xiaomi has migrated to the traditional speaker tech. If Samsung is working on it then surely they will finally launch it with zero flaws. For now, there are rumors that the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 which is to be announced in 2019 will offer this tech.


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