Samsung Galaxy S10 horizontally aligned camera

With few months left for the official unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S10 flagships, leaks and rumors have picked up its pace all these days. Recently, even Samsung has once or twice left vague tidbits of the much-anticipated device through the Android Pie beta firmware. Interestingly, yet another piece of information is now spilled by the latest Samsung Health app regarding the camera alignment of Samsung’s 10th-anniversary product.Samsung Galaxy S10 horizontally aligned camera

The latest Samsung Health apps hints of horizontally aligned camera positioning in the upcoming S flagships. As you can see from the above screenshot of the Samsung Health app, the backside of a suspicious device is featured which we believe is the form factor of none other than the Galaxy S10.

It’s previously rumored that at least one of the variant of Galaxy S10 could feature triple camera setup. So, with the latest hint from the Samsung Health app, it seems Samsung has gone for the horizontal setup just like what we’ve seen on the Galaxy Note8 and Note9. Also, the Heart Rate Sensor buddy and the flash are located right beside the camera.

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The horizontal alignment could allow Samsung to put more battery and that’s something the users are desperately in need. That said, what do you prefer to see – the vertical or the horizontal arrangement on the upcoming Galaxy S10’s?


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