4G LTE seems like a distant dream for all its enthusiasts in India until now. According to a import document released by Mak TechBlog, Samsung has recently imported a 500-unit batch of Galaxy S4 Mini smartphones (LTE Variants) to India for testing and evaluation purposes. These devices will not be sold to the public.


These devices will be priced around Rs. 17900 which is slightly higher than the cost of the non-LTE variants. After the testing and evaluation of these 500 units, Samsung is expected to launch a series of smartphones which would support LTE.

Till now, the band that TD-LTE uses is India was only supported on Apple devices like the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. And the 4G LTE service too was available only in selected cities in India. This means that even if your device supports LTE and the area you live in has LTE coverage, you might not be able to use LTE services due to the band not being available on your device.


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