Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo starts receiving Blueborne fix update


Samsung today released the Blueborne vulnerability fix update for Galaxy S5 Neo. Recently Samsung had also released the same update for Galaxy S8 as well as Galaxy S5. And last month only Galaxy S5 Neo was updated with Android 7.0 Nougat. And also received the August security patch.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo will get Nougat Update very soon

The latest update Galaxy S5 Neo has received is to solve the issue of Blueborne vulnerability. Along with the security update Galaxy S5 Neo has also received some enhancements.

What is this Blueborne vulnerability?

Recently, this Blueborne i.e. bluetooth based vulnerability was discovered. Under this any user can hack your device who is within your bluetooth circle without even you getting any notification of his connection to your device. South Korean giant Samsung has been working on this update for weeks for all it’s major devices which are hit by this vulnerability. Through this vulnerability a hacker can steal all your personal information including your bank account details.

This vulnerability not only effects Android devices but also Windows as well as a few ios devices.

The version named¬†G903FXXS1BQI2¬†is rolled out for Galaxy S5 Neo and is an OTA update. So if you haven’t received it you can wait as it will reach soon.

And for those who have received it remember it is a security update and your phone needs to be updated to save it from Blueborne. So do download it and install it.

For further updates regarding Blueborne stay connected to us.



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