The Note7’s failure is having a lot of consequences for Samsung and many others. The production for the device had to be stopped midway and this in turn had a direct effect of part manufacturers of the Note7. So Samsung announced that their upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8 will feature a dual camera setup and an iris scanner. Parts for these will be procured from the same manufacturers who supplied them for the Galaxy Note 7.


The parts manufacturers include Samsung Electro-Mechanics which manufacturers camera modules, Sekonix which manufacturers camera lenses, Kolen which manufacturers lenses for Iris scanners and Patron and MCNEX which manufacture Iris scanners.

Just keep in mind that the news comes from an official at one of these companies. So the news is pretty much sure but we wouldn’t bet on it. Samsung had earlier announced that the Iris scanner in the Galaxy S8 will be even better than the one used in Note 7.


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