Samsung Galaxy S9 is getting continuous updates with different refinements. Every update is making Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ stable and more user friendly. In a similar update, that Samsung has just rolled out for Galaxy S9+, has added support for ‘Hey Google’ command. Now, users can user ‘Hey Google’ on Google Assistant without any hiccup.

hey google hotword
Image Source: Android Police

Earlier, ‘Ok Google’ was the only command that Google Assistant responded to, but recently they have added another hotword, ‘Hey Google’. So, now users of Galaxy S9+ can wake up the Google Assistant using the hotword, ‘Hey Google’.

In order to use the new hotword, you need to recalibrate your Google Voice Model. You need to head over to Google App settings and then over to Voice and then tap Voice Match. Then you need to hit the Retrain voice model to recalibrate the voice model.

You need to wait for the update as it is on the roll. The firmware version for the new software is G960FXXU1BRF8 for the Galaxy S9 and G965FXXU1BRF8 for the Galaxy S9+. If you have not received it yet then you can check it manually.

How many of you have received the update ?


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