Samsung is gearing up the launch of its first take on to the AndroidGO venture – the supposed Galaxy J2 Core. The device is due to be unveiled soon in coming days and perhaps destined to hit many developing countries including India, Malaysia and so on. Just recently, the firmware of the device bearing model no. SM-J260G was sourced from the Samsung server indicating the impending launch. Well, thanks to the firmware we’ve now the first GO edition of Samsung baked apps in the form of Samsung Internet Lite/GO.

Since Samsung has made up its mind to push an AndroidGO device out to the wild, it’s quite obvious the device should board AndroidGO optimized Samsung apps rather than the traditional, bulky Samsung apps. Apparently, the Samsung Internet Lite browser is of nearly 17MBĀ  in size, beefy than other GO browsers, but much lighter compared to the full-fledged Samsung Internet Browser(usually>50MB).

Reduced package size comes with the compromises in other advanced features. As such the Samsung Internet Lite is devoid of many enhanced features that the standard Samsung Internet offers. For instance, the features such as Night Mode, Content Blockers, Samsung Extension and many more are a miss on the Lite edition.

However, the UI and browsing/URL tabs, homepage and other visual elements are similar to its parent app. So rest assured that you’ll get the feel of the Samsung Internet although certain handy features are down.


Samsung Internet GO (Android5.0+): Google Drive.



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