Samsung Keyboard app lands in the Play Store for Samsung devices


OEMs like Samsung and OnePlus as well as others have been moving their home-baked apps to the Play Store. This helps these companies worry less about OTA updates when something goes wrong with specific apps. Also, this improves the update process, as well as fast updates, can be issued for individual apps compared to OTAs.

Today, Samsung Keyboard has been added to the bouquet of Samsung apps already on the Play Store. Presumably, the keyboard that comes preloaded on Samsung devices will only be downloadable through Samsung devices.

The features aren’t very bad, though, Samsung has included a long list on the landing page. Users have access to smart typing which means auto-spell check, text shortcuts, and predictive text. Emojis, custom words, and support for more than 80 languages. For more on the feature list, we will include a link to the app below.

The version of the app that has landed is The good thing is Samsung users with other phones than the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be able to download and use the app too. For now, we’ll leave you with a link to the app.

Play Store: Samsung Keyboard


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