Samsung Pay in India getting new update for Android Oreo support


A new update to the Samsung Pay app is rolling out in India preppring the app for Android 8.0 Oreo. The update is just 104 MB in size and doesn’t seem to be rolling out to other countries. Of course, this is a hint that Android Oreo update is close by, as right now, no Samsung phone runs on it.

Moreover, Samsung is in advanced stages of Android Oreo testing for its flagship Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S8 duo. The Korean OEM is reportedly rolling out an Android Oreo Beta Program in the US on October 31. US citizens will be able to sign in to the program through Samsung Members or Samsung+ apps. Although it is only for Sprint and T-Mobile users of Galaxy S8/S8+. It seems the Beta program might roll out to India as well. However, this is just an educated guess.

We expect Samsung to give first priority to the Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8/S8+ for Oreo updates. Wide-spread reports are that these three devices will get Oreo in early 2018. There is still no ETA, so we’d likely hope for it by March 2018 at the latest. Meanwhile, Google has rolled out Android v8.1 Developer Preview and a stable release is likely in December.



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