Skype has been best known for video calling and instant messaging service. Which users use for connecting anyone anywhere in this world. Skype has been providing this service for about 10 years now. Today Skype is rolling out a new features i.e. a Video call recording feature on both Desktop and Mobile Apps.

Now, With this feature users can not only record their video calls, but also download them offline.  Main thing is that you can use this feature in both Mobile apps and Desktop app. Though the Windows 10 users will get this new feature in the next few weeks.

However, the feature is very interesting but works in a different way. To record the call users need to select ‘+’ option. After you click that option you need to select ‘start recording’. The recording starts on the server side. The ‘+’ button is same on both mobile desktop apps. Once you disconnect the call, the recording also stops on it’s own. You can see the photo above for better understanding. After that the copy of the recording gets posted in the chat with that respective person.

So the users part of the chat can download the chat recording. The recording remains on the Microsoft servers for 30 days. So users can download this within the respective time span.



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