Sony Black Friday Deals

Bezel-less 4K resolution smart TVs are fast becoming the in-demand thing this year and what better time to get one than Black Friday. With a number of retailers already kicking off their sales, Sony has also jumped in with a sale of its 4K TVs. To be more accurate, two models from Sony, the XBR X900E and X930E are getting discounts up to $1000.

Both these models come in a variety of sizes and have varying features. Amongst the two, the X900E is the more budget-friendly option. It comes in 49″, 55″, 65″, and 75″ sizes. It comes loaded with Amazon Alexa and Android TV. It has a slim bezel-less display and features X-tended Dynamic Range Pro, and XDR Contrast to 5x and full-array local dimming. This model is thought to possess less advanced display tech than the forthcoming model.

The XBR X930E comes in only 55″ and 65″ sizes. Being the more expensive one, it has a more advanced display. Compared to the X900E it comes with XDR Contrast 10x and a better X1 Xtreme processor. It also has edge-lit dimming thought to be a downgrade from full array dimming.

You can buy these models from all 7 retailers listed below.

  • Sony XBR49X900E (49″) 4K Android TV
  • Sony XBR55X900E (55″) 4K Android TV
  • Sony XBR65X900E (65″) 4K Android TV
  • Sony XBR75X900E (75″) 4K Android TV

And here are the X930Es:

  • Sony XBR55X930E (55″) 4K HDR Android TV
  • Sony XBR65X930E (65″) 4K HDR Android TV


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