Sony Xperia Z Ultra benchMark Scores


The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is an ultimate device when it comes to performance. The specs and the hardware of the 6.4 inch phablet make it no less than a beast at present in the Smartphone Industry at the point of time. it belongs to a prestigious group of devices that have been running on the Snapdragon 800 chipset. So here are some of the benchmark scores of the device.

xperia z ultra benchmarks


The device performed good with the 4 krait cores which have been clocked at 2.2 GHz and the 2 GB of RAM, and also a better GPU, Adreno 330, which gave promised results.

Here is a snippet of GeekBench 2, which is a CPU Benchmark and so it isĀ  a good platform to test the devices running on the different platforms.Here the Xperia Z Ultra beats every other Android Phone in the market as off now.

Here is a snip of the AnTuTu benchmarks where the Xperia Z Ultra wins again, by improving the score by about 30%, which is a great deal.

xperia z ultra benchmark scores

These were some of the benchmarks, that we gathered from the GsmArena Blog. So the device really gives the performance that it’s hardcore specifications on paper promise.