Sony’s Xperia Touch projector now on sale in the US priced $1,699


Sony showed off an Android projector in February 2016 at MWC. The device was quite unique for what it offered. Even then it was a new implementation and it had its shortcomings. Then the Japanese firm said they would bring the novel device to Europe in 2017 and now the Xperia Touch projector, as it is called, is now on sale. The price is a mind-boggling $1,699.99. The device is on sale in the US via Amazon. It will also be sold on Sony’s own Square store in New York, and T-Mobile retail stores in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami.

sony xperia touch

The Xperia Touch projector can throw light on surfaces like tables, floors or even walls making interactive images as big as 80 inches. The highest resolution of these images can be 1366 x 768. The unique thing about the projector is the touch part. You can interact with it like you would any other tablet or smartphone. It runs Android Nougat 7.0.

In terms of hardware, it comes with a 13 MP camera, stereo speakers, and a microphone as well. The battery backup is poor at best lasting only 1 hour so this is not a full day device. Also, the projection requires some light tuning as it is better in low light while shiny lights will make the projections more and more dull.

While it’s a niche product and something unique the price tag really will deter most buyers.

Buy link: Amazon


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