Stable Samsung Internet Browser v6.0 available for download


Samsung Internet Browser is one of the main and frequently updated system apps by Samsung. Initially, exclusive to Samsung devices is now made available for all most all Android devices running Android 5.0+. It seems, Samsung is very hard at work to make the Samsung Internet one of the most preferred browser for Android. Evident from the certain improvements and added features that we could see so far in the browser. In latest, Samsung has released the stable Samsung Internet 6.0 browser.

The stable version of Samsung Internet 6 is now made available after a series of beta testing(via Samsung Internet Beta 6). With the stable version rolled-out, it brings bunch of features that we have already seen in beta. This new package includes bugs fixes and other minor improvements.

The Night Mode option is one of the key feature that is debuting on the browser. Surprisingly, I couldn’t see the High Contrast Mode that was experimental in beta version. Samsung might have ditched it for some good reasons.

Samsung Internet Scores html5test point of 515

Samsung Internet 6 features:

  • Night Mode: The stable release fixed all those issue existed on the beta. The Night Mode is now more productive and better visualisable. It can be accessed by tapping three dots over the top right corner and selecting Turn on Night Mode.
  • Extensions: No extensions are newly added. All those which existed on Samsung Internet 5 could be seen on v6 also. Includes QR Code Scanner, Content Blockers, Buzz feed, Video Assisstant to name some.
  • Secret Mode: Surf web anonymously and little secure over normal browsing.
  • Downloadable browser bookmark sync.

Liked the features that Samsung Internet 6 has to offer? If yes, you can download it from ApkMirror.


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