Supply Constraints Delay Galaxy Note 7 In Malaysia


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been receiving great response worldwide. Ever since pre-bookings for the device have opened up in Europe and the US, about 200,000 units of the device have been booed which is the largest for any Samsung device ever. However, not all markets across the world are receiving similar response. Samsung announced that due to supply constraints, they wont be able to meet the Galaxy Note 7’s demand in Malaysia and so the premiere for the device has been delayed to September.

Galaxy Note 7

However, its not all bad news. Customers who had already placed their orders till the 10th August will have no problem in receiving the device and will receive it on the specified time.

Samsung is facing supply crunch due to which it had earlier pushed the European release back to September and now comes Malaysia. Galaxy Note 7 truly is the most anticipated device of this year but with the supply constraints, things could go downhill for Samsung unless they do something about it.


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