‘Sustained Performance Mode’ is Available in Android N


Android N has got various new features along with the capability to provide gamers and streams Sustained performance for long hours. They have embedded Sustained Performance Mode in Android N.

Android N sustained performance mode

It is usual that we face performance lag on the Android devices while playing games and doing some heavy CPU usage tasks. In order to tackle this problem, Google has introduced ‘Sustained Performance API’ in the Android N Developer Preveiw Build 3. Developers can then call on this API to optimize some of their apps’ windows and “tune [them] for a predictable, consistent level of device performance over long periods of time.

Currently, this API is testing on Nexus 6P and we don’t have any clue whether this is going to be made available for other Nexus devices or not.

Further there are 48 improvements with some features compatibility with Google Assistant and others.


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