T-Mobile has brought the 600 MHz band for $8 billion in recent spectrum auction in the US. Today, it’s CEO, John Legere has announced plans to utilise its 600 MHz Spectrum. As per the Video Blog published by T-Mobile, it is said that company will use its 600 MHz band for 5G network.

As more information is shared by T-Mobile on its plans to rollout 5G and competing with other carriers. In the video, it is seen that John is comparing T-Mobile’s future plans with AT&T’s and Verizon’s plans. T-Mobile has posted an animation that shows the phases in which the 600MHz spectrum that it purchased will be transitioned to its use.

T-Mobile’s John Legere has explained the 5G network and what T-Mobile is doing in the Video above. John further has said that there’s nothing with the word 5G bands, all are based on frequencies and band. Those are the marketing gimmicks like 5G frequency, bands by companies like AT&T and Verizon. He’s also thinking to give competition to Dish networks and Broadband companies.

I think you guys check the video linked above in order o know more about the 600 MHz band and T-Mobile’s plans.


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