T-Mobile & Verizon Start Shipping Galaxy Note 7 Already


Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled, people all across the globe have been getting to get their hands on the device. While pre-bookings have begun in many regions across the world including the US and UK, certain other countries like Malaysia have had to push back the release dates due to supply constraints. However, it looks like certain carriers in the US can no longer hold their patience.


Two of US’s biggest telecommunications carriers, namely T-Mobile and Verizon have┬ádecided to start shipping devices earlier than expected. Customers who had pre-booked their devices using with these 2 carriers have received emails that say that their order has started shipping.

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Some customers have even reported that they will receive their T-Mobile units today i.e. August 15th if the mail is to be believed while Verizon users will start receiving their devices by August 17th. Note that both these dates fall before the date scheduled for the Galaxy Note 7 unveiling in the US (19th August).


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