Well, Google is not just launching or announcing some out of mind and serious products. The also have something to play about and that is Google smarty Pins Game which is a geography Trivia Game powered Google Maps.


This Quiz game is getting lot of popularity from the yesterday as it was launched on 1st of July. Its a best game until now based on Google Maps. Well, we can say here’s one another use of the Google Maps after navigational purposes. I think many young folks around the world will like this new gift from Google.

Players are either given a mix of topics, or can select their favourite categories, and questions are answered by placing pins in the correct location on Google Maps. We chose Entertainment when we tested it the first time, and the game asked us where you can find 42 Wallaby Way, which you might remember as P. Sherman’s address in Finding Nemo.

The score is based on Miles and by default it starts from 1000 miles and you get miles if you answer the question accurately and if you answering questions quickly than you get a bonus of 15 miles.

Check out the source link for the game.



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